The Most Comprehensive Self-Service Platform for Big Data Analytics.

Xurmo is the only platform for Big Data that operates across all layers of analytics. Xurmo connects to all types of data sources, revisions data in a unified format, provides ML algorithms and hosts self-learning apps. The intuitive and guided GUI – enables rapid and automated data consolidation, feature discovery and analysis.


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News & Events
  • Migrate from Lotus Notes to a New Age Data Store and analyze in a jiffy! Lotus Notes Connector for Xurmo launched!

    13th January, 2014

  • Marketing Managers, Ad Pros! Search for Images in PPTs and PDFs! Brand App on Xurmo launched!

    10th January, 2014

  • App Factory on Xurmo launched!

    16th December, 2013

  • Latest Xurmo GUI User Manual available

    13th December, 2013

  • Amazing response from the Big Data Conclave! To all Partners – Welcome! To Star of the Internet shortlisters – Congratulations and Good Luck!

    9th December, 2013

  • Big Data is now a Cinch... check out

    6th December, 2013

  • Xurmo is the Gold Sponsor at the Big Data Conclave Winter Edition 2013, Bangalore India

    6th December, 2013

  • Advanced HTML Connector coming soon...

    5th December, 2013

  • R Interface coming soon...

    5th December, 2013

  • Preparing complex data just got super simple! Reduced data prep time from 15 person weeks to 1 hour using Xurmo

    30th November, 2013

  • Mainframe Reports Connector built

    26th November, 2013

  • Extracting structure from PowerPoint and HTML just got simpler!

    22nd November, 2013

  • Relationship Extraction from Text as a single click operation? It’s here!

    14th November, 2013

  • Transformation Stacks recommender released

    11th November, 2013

  • Join key recommender released

    7th November, 2013

  • M to MN encoding operation now available

    30th October, 2013

  • Xurmo Self-Learning Sentiment model launched!

    23rd October, 2013

  • Stacks for automated Data Transformations released

    17th October, 2013

  • Advanced Excel Connector launched!

    8th October, 2013

  • PharmaSense - Real Time Patient feedback analysis application built

    2nd October, 2013

  • Demo videos uploaded to

    1st October, 2013

  • Version 1.3 Launched!

    30th September, 2013